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Why do women like Meghan Markle make Doulas Childhood Birth?

Doulas have been part of the process of pregnancy for over a hundred years! Women during pregnancy always accept other women, so it is not surprising that they are getting recovery at a healthier dose. Although Meghan Markle, aka Sussex Duchess, is looking for a doula for pregnancy and considering alternative birth plans, the first ever pregnancy experience is unforgettable and natural.

What is a doula?

Doula is traditionally defined as an individual, with no open medical training, which helps women during pregnancy. This means that a doula can also be known as a birth attendant, as a birth attendant and as a birth attendant before giving birth, but also after and after. Wives and physical help during the motherhood process and extend the rest of the mother's family.

Nowadays, doula are defined as professionals trained with the help of a mother's emotional, informative and physical needs in all pregnancy stages. The main objective is to be with the help of the mother and her family. The result of a happy and healthy mother and child. Eskuin aldea ari da prestakuntza eta egiaztatzea.

What are the benefits of having a doula?

A great number of scientific sessions have been analyzed before and after a break in the table. Trials have shown that the treatment of the doula improves the physical and psychological outcomes of the mother and the children. They have had a positive impact on the welfare of the whole family, something that is not solely attributable to standard care.

DONA Internacional, the world's doula organization certificate, has a page with the benefits of hiring a doula. Although they have created infrared infographics that show the effect of birth and postpartum onset.

  • Clinical benefits
    • There is a long list of clinical improvements, reduced use of the pituitary, meditations with less pain, at least a gallbladder or vacuum, a reduced need for the C section, better spots, increased satisfaction, overall experience and overall good memories.
  • Emotional support
    • The emotional help provided by a duel is the only thing that is not the standard medical practitioners. Benefits for aids include less anxiety, increased confidence, increased self-esteem, improved mental postpartum health and family ties.
  • Physical help
    • Doulas helps increase mother's / mother's movement, promotes relaxation and comfort, and even breastfeeding.

Why do women like Meghan Markle use doulas?

Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, already met the duchess's doula several times. Since the date of birth is in the corner, there is no doubt that maul will visit more often, both from birth to before and after. Markle was also thinking of being born at home, because he was not in Santa Maria Lindo Wing. Regarding the birth of Frogmore Cottage, it is not surprising that the king chooses a doula. Without a comfort room in a nearby hospital, an experimental doula will have a pleasant and memorable experience.

Dating women who love to discover natural walks will be beneficial, but that's not all! Color women, like Markle, do not get treatment and may be at hospital outlets. Working with Doula, although he went to the hospital's usual hospital setting, while Markle defended himself and the well-being of his childhood, he had a full experience.

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