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Why the Suits season's 8th edition was rewritten to end the surprise

Note: This article contains spoilers clothes eight final season Any objections? Good

After eight years, the legal drama was opened clothes In the end, an important case was closed yesterday (February 27), but the ruling was not precedent.

When Robert Zane was to finish the episode, it was not advisable to save Harvey Specter, it was not a bomb clothesThe season ending is over.

Instead, after several seasons, they will not make shenanigans, Harvey and Donna Paul have finally achieved a break, their passion and endless hug.

Gabriel Macht, Harvey Specter, Sarah Rafferty, Donna Paulsen, Suits Season, 8

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It was a good time, surely, but it was not always that way, Aaron Korsh revealed that the last minute script had changed.

Chatting MourningKorsh explained that the end of the original did not have "great Harvey-Donna scenes," and, furthermore, Harvey continued to discuss her feelings.

"What he said to me said:" What if Harvey went to the end, and they would finally break it? "Korshe explained.

"Yes [writers and producers] They loved Genevieve and Ethan. So I, I. It's not easy for three people to agree, we went ahead.

Gabriel Macht, Harvey Specter, costumes, Season 8

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"It was not when our minds changed, we did not think about it, it was there and we loved it."

So what was the original ending different? It's not really, really. "[It was pretty much the same,” Korsh said, “[with] She hurts her sword to Harvey. Harvey Donna was not alone. It was smaller than a big change. "

We'll tell you what it would be It was a great end to the end of the season – Meghan Markle. Oh, we dream.

clothes United States and Netflix launch in the United Kingdom, returning to the ninth and final season.

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