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Wildly Popular Video Game adds to the Next Deadly Plague of Anti-Vaxxers

Many video games are the hero's anti-hero mission: Grand Theft Auto, Hitman, Mario's alter-ego mischievous, Wario.

But it's never a heroine against videogames Plague – In this massively successful Pandemic simulator, it's really a fungible, deadly and infectious pathogen, to exclude the planet from the face of the human being.

Now, in response to a demand from Change.org's constant demand for public demand, this great pests will include a new threat to more infectious diseases: anti-vasarkers.

Anti-Vasxxers may be like a strange addition to video games, but it gives a lot of sense Plague Inc.

In other games, you can choose a warrior, wizard or clergy. in Plague, your options may be a virus, fungus or maybe bad.

If the choices are slightly different, how do they tell the world as a parasite or Black Death? Or maybe you can try your chance as a deadly bio-weapon engineer?

017 plague inc deadly disease anti vascers 2(Ndemic Creations)

There is a limitless number of pathogenic potentials observed Plague Since the creation of more than 120 million players worldwide, developers jokingly claim to be infected with the game & # 39; It has a 1.6% of the world population.

If you like all the sounds, consider this: the founder of the game, founded by James Vaughan, a graduate of economics, used his knowledge of economical modeling to build a game in a realistic way to exploit evil diseases spread across countries. Factors such as transmittivity, lethality, mutations and weather conditions.

It may be entertainment, but it is also an easy entry that actually affects the epidemic of diseases.

Vaughan also had a discussion about Disease Control and Prevention Centers (CDC) in infectious diseases, and recently Plague tracking title to have a few pointers in the Pentagon.

"It was more to build a game I wanted to play," Vaughan explained Apple's main features of the App Store developers.

"That is the fact Plague It's based on fun and science principles, education is its DNA. "

017 plague inc deadly disease anti vascers 2(Ndemic Creations)

Here comes the new scenario of anti-vanxxers games.

Part of the reason for the continuous success of the game was the almost endless stream of new content in 2012 when the title was launched for the first time.

Many of these updates have come down to fantastic zombies, vampire infections and "Simian Gripea". Planet's apes saga

But not all new add-ons are fictional; In some areas, there are daily conferences about health landscape reflection.

The latest update focuses on a scenario of pure science: a worldwide pathogen mutagenized by scientists who take refuge in the world of clouds and a world-class anti-climate change scientist, destroying labs and research, of course, expanding the disease.

With the same spirit, Ndemic Creations, a company behind the game, now announced Additionally, anti-vascers will be included Plague mix, referring to the popularity of a Change.org request (for over 20,000 sponsors writing).

We still do not know the exact anti-vanwashers update, but in real life, the anti-vanashers of the game may well-endangered conspiracy in any given line, allowing the emergence of anti-vax hotspots within the country and, ultimately, illness It promotes serious and serious dissemination.

It might be clear that the fears of the real world were sealed inside a marvelous world universe.

Unfortunately, they are not.

One thing we hope is, however, that it is new Plague Inc. The update helps people educate people about the harmfulness of the anti-vanash community, as they effectively show their actions to spread illnesses around the world.

Games are a thing. But in the real world, no one needed pathology.

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