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Yoko Ono was greeted by the Women's Draw at Disney Hall – Variety

It was Yoko One – it was not an artist of many parties, it was on the edge of visual arts and performing art, and it was for traditional pop music. Both parties, a disemblemish and a sentimentalist, held a large homage concert on Friday at LA Walt Disney Hall. In it, dozens of female casts took part in "Breathwatchlistentouch: Yoko Ono's work and music". An 86-year-old artist watched some rows.

He was a female but not a "star", Girlschool LA, L.A. With the collaboration of Phil and Fluxus Festival, they were mostly eclectic for local talents. It do it return with "n" roll with great names. Bata Garbage was Shirley Manson, the most disturbing of Ono's forgiveness and a couple of songs that calmed down on his home. The other one was San Vicente, a musical comic book with music. All of this can be understood as an attempt to embrace Ono and less than an OG provocator.

The most notable, in any case, were notable among the performers who knew a large part of the crowd sold: La Santa Cecilia La Marisoula, a bilingual turn; Nina McNeely's transfixing dance pieces; And singers like We Are KING, Amber Coffman and Sudan Archives, explored Ono's pop-R & B.

He left Manson to give him a much longer night-time testimonial, as well as one of the most polarized Ono riders, even if he had not heard a word for 20 century. "I will not cry, because I loved this woman, in Edinburgh (since I was a little girl from Scotland school)," said Garbage singer. He then directed Manson, as the time limit indicated that his appreciation evolved. "I love this wonderful person … At age 12, I made a mistake in Yoko," Manson admitted. "And I did not figure out how to imagine what a young woman was, what did she mean to the world … and I began to understand and value only as an adult? What exactly did they do to me … but after these beautiful young women here tonight "Yoko Ono, you do not want to be close to getting the recognition you deserve," Manson said, because applause began to stroke.

CREDIT: Ian Byers-Gamber at LA Phil

Calling the next-generation women, Manson mentioned the group he had mentioned at least: 18 singles dressed in white, three cords, two brass and wooden sounds and seven pieces together. Created by Anna Bulbrook (Airborne Toxic Event) behind the Girlschool LA org. In recent years, the Girlschool LA has held an annual festival at the LA clubs, although during this show the Bootleg room was invaded in a very different room, along with the Fluxus Festival with its Ono Fluxus Festival. The art of the early 60's and early 70's was at least a sensible one.

The music of the party of the party of Hon. Has been released for some installations of interactive art outside the auditorium of the Disney Hall auditorium (but, alas, a giant ladder is not in the roof of the "BAI" portal). In performance, they also took on the show that took them to the exterior of the traditional tribute concert. Kamil Oshundara read the "Question Part", some contemporary societies / poetry consultations, along with the style of some works published by Ono, along with a violinist with only one stage on stage. Together with Nina McNeely's eight class room, she did a wonderful dance, with enough excitement, to read the program's remarks and see just the choreography of horror / dance. this movie in the theater, Gaspar Noé's "Climax."

On the other hand, the invaluable love and the traditionalist pop party gained greater recognition. It's worth noting that "Yes, I am your angel" – "Double fantasy", a song known as "Tra-la-la-la" by Harold Arlen, or Tin Pan Alley's song, We Are KING, piano, He made small accessories for harp and orchestration. When they released a full R & B band, they released "Don't Be Scared," John Lennon and Ono's "Milk and Honey" album.

Sudan Archives, an experimental R & B singer, who will soon see Coachella, had a stunningly majestic nightly look, a long, partially black dress, and an electric violin that had a sleek sound. In the disapproval of "Dogtown", Onon wrote a song accident he wrote after Lennon's death. Projected director Amber Coffman was a lighter member, literally fluffier compared to "Listen, Snow Snow Falling", something that Smokey Robinson could have imagined, for the involvement of some of the live guitar guitars of Motown. Francisca Valenzana's "Sister, O Sister" -k rock & # 39; The roll unit used well on stage, and the new wave reminded the time that B52 demanded the worship of Ono.

When things were unknown, Saint-Vincent was called the ladder for the penultimate performance. One of the greatest rock artists of our time would sing one of Ono's most popular songs on Friday as no other, like "Walking on Thin Ice"? He immediately announced that Ono would read the parts of the "Acorn" book of 2013, a collection of inspirational guidelines for a spirituality of everyday life, "by the composer of Nico Muhly's" Grindr Posts by Yoko "by a queer composer." Ono sometimes aphorism tangible and something (presumably) a change between the jokes about the aggressive sex of men's habits. He began with the public description of Strawberry Fields in Central Park. "No fats, no women. OK, some fat, "he said, following the Yoko quote on the" silent and courageous "person in the world, and it almost seemed like no joke that Ono was unwilling to come and do it, it was not a real intention, the audience laughed : Anyone who bought a card from an appetite or anguish … and bought a ticket at a photographer for tickets, so he worked with pure expectations. do it We honor the roots of good in a polarized way.

Manson, along with Loi Jon, has been singing two new songs by Ono. First and foremost, angry and longing for "What a Bastard the World is". It's really a song (and it's a convincing case) about wild men. – At the beginning of the 70s he wrote witchcraft, and then released a song of "Nobody Sees Me Like You", a song of "Season of Glass" after his death. Large exhibitions As good as Ono, Manson's mini-set was a tough one. And it was a climax, indicating the campaigns and punishment with the greatest pop ambitions and emotions.

As much as the show hoped to pay homage to the beginners of Ono, it was revealed from the late 1970s that he was really interested in emphasizing outstanding messages of peace, hope and love on art. world indicators That's why Lennon, Ono's recently endorsed term of the "Imagine", gave credit to officially co-written credits, as Manson says "I have been responsible for many philosophies and ideas behind him." I am sure surely many of these letters. We will sing the song, song 20th in the 19th century ".

Onok, on the final day of Ono's team, is a group that praises as victorious under the victory, it seems that there was no other message: Imagine that the future is a woman.

CREDIT: Ian Byers-Gamber at LA Phil

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