Monday , June 21 2021

Your LG phone can be equipped with 16 cameras

Your LG phone can be equipped with 16 cameras

LG has a patented 16 camera phone

LG HOTS FOR CAMERAS gives; We know that five Snappers came into the V40 ThinQ, but South Korean company may have less than 16 cameras on the phone.

In summary, at least according to a patent submitted by LG LetsGoDigital, which shows a phone layout with the overkill definition of the camera on the phone.

The camera, as we can extract from our patent, will be organized on the 4×4 network at the rear of the next Gen device of the LG. With this Snappers suite, your phone will be able to capture 3D images efficiently.

The patent may manipulate and adapt the image to the user's willingness to serve it, with disturbing changes, such as making a happy position happy in him. For Hooray technology.

Patents also seem to show some of the features of image recognition; through which a person can trace on the face of an image, and will be able to be photographed by an artificial intelligence system and other people.

This feature is not surprising, as Google Pixel 3, Huawei Mate 20 Pro and Apple iPhone X are still using AI image technology. LG therefore continues a little bit.

Surprise a bomb and ask why you want so much camera on a smartphone; The picture was so important that it was later acquired by a DSLR au fait With PhotoShop.

But Samsung Galaxy A9, like four rear camera sports, seems to be putting more back-end smartphones on the device, is becoming a bit of a trend and we can see three or three-dimensional array of new smartphones on CES and MWC in 2019. μ

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