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YouTubers – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate & # 39; Failure to respond to prohibitions

On the 7th of December, two weeks before, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate it leaked online Beat-em-up brawler copies, such as Mario, Link and Wii Fit Trainer icons, have quickly and rapidly expanded into sites and applications such as Discord, Reddit and Twitter. Playing ROM requires you to hack your Nintendo hacking, your console is constantly confined in the online game and pissing off one of the biggest names in the game.

Nintendo has a strict anti-piracy policy and is not afraid of it. "By encouraging education, advocacy and legal action, Nintendo's ability to play video game industry's ability to invest in new and exciting games," Nintendo wrote in his anti-piracy website. DMCA takedowns, created in 1998 by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, authorize creators of copyrighted YouTube rights. Blows are very serious for content creators: get in three single channels and YouTube will complete.

Once Smash Ultimate Leaked, YouTubers uploaded the content of the game to channels. The videos show the story of the new world of light, the collections of all the spirits and their skills and a vast collection of musical instruments. Ultimate It has one of the biggest soundtrack for any game, including more than 800 plays, including the past Break it up titles and classic games Kirby's Dream Land and Super Mario Odyssey.

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YouDubers, such as Dystfizer, 31 Hours Mexico and Crunchii quickly infected the channels Ultimate in soundtrack Each channel has tens of thousands of subscribers for many years. They took a long time to build the following types. Nintendo employees reacted quickly: copyright hit the entire platform.

Nintendo's trial was faster, like destroying these channels and just like that. Crunchi received more than 30 strikes and blocked hundreds of videos, effectively ending his channel. On Twitter threads, he knew the risk, but he did not expect "copyright strikes". In the past, videos with Nintendo music have been blocked all over the world, but there were no strikes.

31 Hours Mexico and Dystify will lose their channels at the end of the week. Dystify said that he felt he needed to load Kotaku Ultimate To play the soundtrack with another YouTube. "Loading the soundtrack a day (one), the difference between 100 times more video and 100,000 compared to others".

Really, whose channel Soniczeki has more than 100,000 subscribers, upload videos with videos Super Smash Bros. Ultimate . "After the explosion of music files, Crunchii and other music channels began to rise rapidly," said Zeki Newsweek More than Twitter DM. "I could not stand, we needed each other".

Nintendo has received an order to get videos, with Zeki with just one copyright strike, a million times less, leaving 200 deleted videos and an inbound channel. He said he knew the potential consequences, "he did not publish anything." He added: "I felt very bad, I know (developers) I worked hard in this game and I did not load all those songs." . "

Like strikes across the platform, Zeki erased its problematic videos and saved its channel. He wants to be careful in the future. "Nintendo has been throwing away his game before avoiding damage," said Zeki. "I will continue Break it up sure to have it "

Some fans have criticized Nintendo because they see the most demanding action against these channels, others believe it was a continuation of YouTube's rules. Twitter is continuing to speak Stealth40K on the Nintendo platform. "Nintendo is well aware of the situation Smash Ultimate piracy " he published it. "I hope the penalty is fast and serious."

With Twitter DM Newsweek Stealth40K doubled. "When you have purchased music over 100 copies often, it's not a game that is released, copyright strikes will be fast and furious."

Newsweek Comment on Nintendo has extended the comment and will update with the answers.

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