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Zimbabwean police involve an army against excessive monstrosities | World news

Zimbabwean police officers internally put the Guardian on charges of dying, rape, and armed robbery while violently attacking South African Africa.

At least 12 people have been killed, because civilian security forces had fires during this month, when three-day shutdown is called by trade unions. The police believe he has died. A death toll is expected.

The worst violence in Zimbabwe for at least ten years, and the other expectations have been violated by the end of the 37-year-old lawyer Robert Mugabe, 14 months ago, would result in significant political reform.

Thousands of research reports, when police officers shared with the Guardians were frustrated by the apparent military empire, are allegedly assaulted, including two murders and a rape of 15-year-old girls.

All armed with "uniforms" or "camouflage" armed, they write by police investigators. The police are a formula that allows you to avoid direct accusations against armed forces.

The demonstrators will be behind the barricade on January 15 in Harare.

Manifestos are burning a barricade on a January 15 protest protests in Harare. Photo: Philimon Bulawayo / Reuters

The Republican Zimbabwe police officer, officially the national police officer, robbed criminal elements of robbery who had been stolen from army uniforms and denounced abuses of security and armed forces. But, in most cases, they were described in the documents observed by the Guardian, the armies carried out automatic weapons, fewer than soldiers and police officers.

Document discharges suggest military and civilian enforcement agencies to increase tensions.

A report, presented at Glenview, in Harare, on January 14 by Glenview, describes how two men guided Toyota, a 29-year-old named by Trymore Nachiwe, whose pickup truck was locked in the number plate or other identification. They dressed in civilian dresses and uniforms of the National Army of Zimbabwe, armed with stones, iron tabs, machetes and bottles of teargas.

The windows of Toyota broke out and Nachiwe and his friend were lying on the road, again punched and kicked. Nachiwe arrived at his home but the day after his death in the hospital was looking for medical attention.

Another report states that Kudakwashe Rixon has been murdered for 22 years, uniformed men arrested on Sunday at a Harare central bus terminal.

The report, in the Harare Central police station, on January 27, said Rixon had to "be a contaminated area" with others, where he had made wooden clubs, metal wire and iron bars. Rixon got home, where he tried to take care of his relatives, but later died in Harare hospital.

A third report in the town of Chitungwiza, where he was 15 years old, outside of Harare, three camouflaged armies and three men who had been armed with rifles, were raped in the concrete board.

Emmerson Mnangagwa Harare on January 24.

Emmerson Mnangagwa Harare on January 24. Photo: Philimon Bulawayo / Reuters

Responding to previous reports of violence, Emmerson Mnangagwa's president promised to do so under security forces. On Monday, he said "unfortunately" the report by Sky News, whose security forces cast a generous man.

He was attacked by many civilian attacks since his independence in 1980 and has played an important role in the disappearance of Mugabe. Soldiers have killed six civilians dead in the Hareharren days, after winning last year's elections, and in recent weeks they have expanded in cities.

The reports also describe the alleged robbery of homes and businesses for iPhones, computers, TVs and even an electric iron. Twelve bars were stolen in a bar attack.

Breakthrough reports include the incidents that occurred when the vehicles identified by the armed forces and the automobiles are automatically transported by threats, after being threatened with threats, paying $ 8,000. In an event, an eight-year-old baby was threatened with a gun, to show their parents their savings. In another, a man stopped at home and whipped the txapela. His portfolio was $ 235. In a Glenview shopping center, cash was taken from the phone and from the drinks.

The documents that apply only to Harare are not an overview of the general view, as far as violence related to the country that has been attacked. The police, therefore, extended the worst case of violence and violence from January 15 to 20, or were not at that time.

Many crimes committed by armed forces have not been reported, because they are afraid of the detainees or violence against the victims if they complain of the police.

The courts are now being prosecuted for about a thousand arrests, largely largely in the field of security forces, in poorer neighborhoods around Harare and the surrounding suburbs, as well as in other cities.

Hundreds of activists, opposition politicians and civil society leaders are still hiding. It is now very difficult for Mnangagwak to pretend to end the pariah situation in Zimbabwe to unlock the massive financial aid necessary to prevent the complete economic collapse.

This suggests that food, fuel and medical goods will continue to grow scarce and increasingly expensive, and possibly protests.

Zimbabwe authorities will face up to a new pressure in the next few days, after hundreds of thousand civil servants are preparing to stop the government package, to improve their income.

The courts are increasing the number of detainees, which are kept in cellars and prisons. The new "Fast Track" trials have sued 60 suitors in five courts, which appear in court, to address the charges that may lead to imprisonment. Now seven people have been subversion, with an unprecedented number.

On Tuesday, hundreds of lawyers were killed by military Harare and the ongoing expansion of new judicial procedures.

"Because people do crimes, deal with international law [and] follow the process, "Beatrice Mtetwa, a human rights lawyer, said.

Nelson Chamisa, director of the opposition chief, Democracy Movement Movement said the authorities were trying to divert the blame for economic mistakes.

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